Chair of the foreign languages

Head of the Chair of Foreign Languages, PhD in Pedagogics, Associate Professor Ferapontov G. A.

Mailing address

Chair of the Foreign Languages

Institute of Natural Socio-Economic Sciences

Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, room 335 b

Viluyskaya Street, 28

Novosibirsk, 630126


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Stuff and the personal information in brief

  1. Ferapontov G. A, PhD in Pedagogic, Associate Professor, Head of the Chair
  2. Chernobrov A.A., PhD in Linguistic, Professor
  3. Mikhalina O.A., PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor
  4. Musorin A.Yu., PhD in Linguistic, Associate Professor
  5. Vlasyuk N.N., Senior Lecturer
  6. Ephimova I.V., Senior Lecturer
  7. Lukashina T.M., Senior Lecturer
  8. Mishutina O.V., Senior Lecturer
  9. Boyko E.N., Assistant

Office’s Special Stuff:

  1. Mrs. Kryuchko L.Yu.

Studying Disciplines:

  • English Language
  • German Language

Additional Education:

  • English Language Course
  • German Language Course
  • Chinese Language Course

A Brief Profile of the Chair:

Chair of the Foreign Languages was established (founded) by NSPU Rector’s Order from the 21st of September 1999. The Chair provides teaching of English and German languages to the full-time and the part-time students of the Institute of Natural and Socio-Economic Sciences, including practically all subjects for the part-time students of speciality “English Language”. Name only several subjects from that list: Speaking & Writing English Practice, Introduction to Linguistics, Pure Wordlist (Theoretical Phonetics), Theoretical Grammar, Lexicology, Stylistics and Text Analysis, History of English, Theory and Practice of Translation, Regional Geography, Methods of Teaching English, etc.

At the Chair research work is conducted by Laboratory of the Socio-Cross-Cultural Education; an educational and methodical manuals on English and German languages for students in Natural Sciences and Region Geography are developed; work on introduction in educational process of computer technologies, Internet-resources and different Distance Courses are in progress.

International Relationships:

  • American Councils for International Education (ACTR / ACCELS);

  • Boise State University (Idaho, USA);
  • Boston State University (MA, USA);
  • British Council in Novosibirsk;
  • Catholic Record Society (CRS, UK);
  • National Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages (NATE);
  • Sixteen Century Studies Conference (SCSC, USA);
  • University of Delaware (DE, USA);
  • University of Northern Iowa (IA, USA);
  • Truman State University (MO, USA), etc.

Laboratory of Socio-Cross-Cultural Education

Mailing address

Laboratory of Socio-Cross-Cultural Education

Chair of the Foreign Languages INSES

Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University

Room 335 b

Viluyskaya Street, 28

Novosibirsk, 630126


E-mails: ;

Tel.: +7–3832–44–10-75

Head of the Laboratory - Dr. Ferapontov G. A. (PhD in Pedagogic, Associate Professor, Head of the Chair of Foreign Languages INSES NSPU, The graduate of the International Program ТЕА’98).

Laboratory’s Stuff is the Professors and Lecturers of the Chair of Foreign Languages INSES NSPU, researchers, teachers, sociologists, Academic psychologists, and also teachers of high schools and tutors of preschool establishments of Siberian Region.

The Laboratory founded in 2003.

The main goal of Laboratory is to carrying out fundamental and applied researches in the field of Socio-Cultural and Cross-Cultural Education and the speaking another language communications.

According to object in view Laboratory solves following problems:

  • Research of problems of communicative culture in High-School Internet-communities;
  • Research psycholinguistic problems of the speaking another language communications;
  • Development of pedagogical technologies on introduction of model Socio-Cross-Cultural Education at schools of different levels;
  • Carrying out of applied works under the decision of the general cultural-educational problems of Region in the field of Socio-Cross-Cultural Education;
  • Increase of a level of scientific and pedagogical potential of Chair, to organize the students’ research work;
  • The organization and carrying out of scientifically-practical Conferences on problems of Socio-Cross-Cultural Education;
  • An establishment of contacts and development of cooperation with the interested domestic and foreign educational organizations;
  • Realization of scientifically-organizational and scientifically-publishing activities, etc.